Day Conference - Scientists in Congregations

Scientists in Congregations

One-day conference held at the University of Huddersfield 9th March 2017  (10am-4pm)

The Templeton-funded Equipping Religious Leaders in an Age of Science is a project based at the University of Durham with the aim to change attitudes within the church and, thereby, positively to influence the public conversation about the science-religion relationship. Projects are locally based, have high-level support from church leadership and involve science professionals and are aimed to enable local groups of Christians and those of other faiths to build confidence in science, see it as a gift and affirm the work of scientists within their congregational context. Water of Life is a one year project that focuses on hope and trust in God by building capacity in religious congregations and all people of faith, through considering humanity’s role in the opportunities brought from the changing climate and the consequences for the people in and around the River Holme and its’ tributaries. The River is used as a unifying thread, in conjunction with the charity River2015, in order to engage congregations and others in dialogue and actions to deepen understanding about scientific and faith worldviews and thereby promote greater shared understanding and action in order to see change as hopeful and as an opportunity rather than a threat.

This start-up free to attend one-day conference brings together scientific experts with people of faith and leaders to set out the background to the challenges, opportunities and appropriate responses to a changing climate with particular focus on the River Holme valley. Speakers from the scientific world, from the River Holme charity, presenting best practice responses to flood risks, are complemented by Christian, Muslim and other faith-based speakers setting out how people of faith should see climate and other changes and their role in responding to the opportunities presented in the context of God’s love.

The conference is held at the Quayside exhibition space at the University of Huddersfield. Pre-registration is essential as places are limited.

Date and Time
Thursday, March 9, 2017 - 10:00
University of Huddersfield
Episcopal Area