Guidance documents

Applying for a faculty can be a daunting prospect, particulary if you have never submitted one before.  The guidance documents below explain about the DAC, what a faculty is, why you need one and how to apply.  They also provide a list of the information you will need to submit with a faculty application and give some pointers about using the online system.  

  • Please click here for general information about the DAC and our role.
  • Please click here if you are thinking about doing work to your church but are not sure where to start.
  • Please click here for information on faculties and why they are needed.
  • Please click here for guidance on submitting a faculty and the validation checklist.
  • Please click here for some pointers on using the online system and uploading documents.  More detailed guidance can be found on here.

Under the new Faculty Jurisdiction Rules most tree and bell works will come under either List A or List B. Routine maintenance of organs comes under List A but most other works for organs will require a Faculty. Please see below for guidance on trees, bells and organs:

  • Please click here for guidance on works to trees.
  • Please click here for guidance on works to bells.
  • Please click here for guidance on works to organs.
  • Please click here for guidance on organ blowers.