Services for Church Schools and Academies

Services for schools and academies for 2016-17 run from September to August 2017.  Our 2017-18 offer is organised by:

Free statutory services

Free (non-statutory) services

Enhanced services  - additional services and opportunites with a heavily subsidised cost

Bespoke and Traded services - costed on an individual basis

We have a strong desire to continue to provide and develop schools that witness  the hospitality of God; embody God’s service to all of the community; tell the story of God’s transforming love as it is revealed in Jesus Christ; and nurture a distinctive understanding of what it is to be human that includes the spiritual. We believe that the provision of services outlined in this document is a key way in which we can achieve our collective mission and make a difference, for the better, for our family of Church Schools.


Download the Services for Church Schools and Academies September 2017 to August 2018 here