God calls everyone

We are all called

  • to follow and serve Jesus Christ
  • to be part of His body, the church
  • to love each other and
  • care for the world in which we live.

Some people discover that God may be calling them to quite a specific ‘calling’ and this is sometimes called a ‘vocation’. Vocation means different things to different people. Some people feel called to their daily work or a particular task.

In the church, Vocation is usually about God calling someone to a specific role within the church. All Christians have a calling – to love and serve God at home, work and in church roles. These are all important callings. Some people however sense they are called to a more formal and public role in the church and this is where the Vocations Team comes in.

How do I find out more?

There are many roles you may be called to, paid and unpaid. Vicar, chaplain, youth worker, lay preacher, evangelist, joining a religious community, planting new churches (pioneer ministry) are just some.
First - speak to your priest or vicar as they will have the best idea as to how realistic your sense of calling is.
Then contact the Vocations Team below who will arrange for you to meet someone to discuss it further.  
Alternatively - browse some of the Useful Links further down this page.

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Revd Canon Derek Walmsley Revd Canon Derek Walmsley 
Diocesan Director of Ordinands & Vocation
Diane Komorowski
Administrator to Diocesan Director of Ordinands & Vocation
0113 3530 260

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