Understanding Christianity Day

The long-awaited project for teaching Christianity to pupils aged 4yrs - 14yrs

‘Understanding Christianity’ is based around a selection of core Christian concepts. Seeking to raise the levels of pupil’s religious literacy, it is structured to deepen pupils’ understanding of the story of Christianity alongside key beliefs and practices. The resources have been created by Church of England Education Department advisers and members of the RE Today team.


We are... making bread together in Masham

Making bread together is a special project to prepare children from Masham CE Primary School for their weekly Holy Communion Service in the church. The vicar, the Revd David Cleeves introduces pupils in Year 5 to the stories of Holy Week and Easter and its links with Communion. To make it more memorable, he bakes a loaf of bread with them using it to link with the last hours of Jesus’ life. For example, he tells them you are rough with the mixture when you knead the bread, like people were rough with Jesus and, you have to wait for the yeast to do its job, just like people waited for Jesus to rise. The loaf they make together is then used in the service and is the start of Year 5 regularly attending the Wednesday Holy Communion service with Year 6 and local people.      
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