Leadership & Management

Governing bodies are an integral part of the school leadership team and are responsible for;

  • setting the Christian ethos of the school;
  • developing the school improvement plan
  • making decisions about expenditure of the school budget
  • challenging and holding the headteacher to account

They also monitor the implementation of the policies developed in consultation with the school leadership team.

Sometimes the governing body is referred to as the critical friend of the school. 
This is a strategic role: governors are not involved in the day to day running of the school: that is the responsibility of the headteacher

Church school leadership

Headteachers are the spiritual and academic leaders of their school or academy.
Visionary, inspired leadership and management in church school and academies centres on the school as a worshipping community, where educational and academic excellence for all pupils is lived out in a Christian context. It is a demanding challenge!
There is no single model of leadership for a church school or academy. Each Head will develop a distinctive style based on his/her own strengths.

Leadership in Church schools and academies requires a clear understanding of the nature of Christian leadership and of the priority of the school to serve the pupils and parents, who may be of other denominations and faiths or of no religious faith. It takes as its model the leadership of Christ and places the needs of others above those of the leader. 

When recruitng school leaders, governors will want to ensure that, as part of the selection process, the panel is able to explore the extent  to which candidates' have an understanding of and willingness to promote and enhance the distinctively Christian character of the school.

Supporting school leaders

Governors bear a responsibility for the wellbeing of their headteacher.  Heads and principals need practical and prayer support in their roles.  Foundation governors will take a supportive interest in the quality of the Christian distinctiveness of the school or academy.

The spiritual development and prayer life of the leader and the prayers of those who are supporting that leadership are important and opportunities to review these should be built into the regular self evaluation and appraisal systems.

School self evaluation as a Church school of academy

The Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS) documentation is an invaluable reference tool for evaluating the distinctiveness and effectiveness of their church school or academy.

SIAMS Framework (2013)

SIAMS Evaluation schedule (2013)

further resources for training and self evaluation can be found on the Christian Values for Schools website

Additional  responsibilities for governors in voluntary aided, foundation schools and academies

In voluntary aided, foundation schools and academies, the governing body is the employer of the staff. The Church of England Education Office has its own suite of contracts.

In VA, foundation schools and academies, governors are the admissions authority and set the policy for admissions.  This will include criteria for prioritising the allocation of places when the school is oversubscribed.

All schools and academies are required to comply with the DfE’s School Admissions and Appeals Codes

For further information and guidance about admissions and appeals please visit the Admissions and Appeals section of this website or contact the info.ed [at] leeds.anglican.org (subject: Diocese%20of%20Leeds%20Education%20Team%20Website%20-%20Leadership%20%26%20Management) (Education Team).



For full information please visit the Buildings section of this website.



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