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‘Creating a multi sensory spiritual garden in your school’ by Shahne Vickery, published by Jumping Fish Diocese of Gloucester

‘Pause to reflect on values’  published by Jumping Fish

‘Pause for reflection’  published by Jumping Fish

‘Experience Journeys’ - Jumping Fish

‘Taking spirituality into the home’ – values reflection journal by Shahne Vickery & Bernadette Kitty  publisher: Imaginor

‘Creative ideas for Quiet Corners’ by  Lynn Chamber, published by Barnabas (2008) ISBN 978 1841015460

‘Reflective Learning’ by Trevor Reader and Lilian Weatherley published by Barnabas (2009) ISBN 9781841015736


N.B. All the Jumping Fish / Imaginor publications can be found at:


Further websites / Resources


Hand to Mouth Ministries

Mary Fleeson (hangings and artwork)

Salisbury Guide to Spiritual Gardens

Willow and Wicker work

Wood carvings (1)

Wood carvings (2)


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