Assessment in RE includes

- formative assessment to inform the next steps in pupils' knowledge, understanding and skills development

- summative assessment which asseses pupils' progress and attainment over time.  This might be undertaken at the end of a unit, at the end of a school year, at the end of a phase / key stage

Therefore it is important that units of work and the long term planning for the RE curriculum in school includes clear learning outcomes and progression across the key stages.

Not every unit of work may need to be formally assessed but it is vitally important to be be able to track the progress of pupils through a year and also across a key stage.

Schools should follow the requirements of their syallabus for religious education.

In addition, it is a requirement that attainment and progress (achievement) in RE is reported to parents annually.  Achievement in RE compared to other core subjects will be inspected in VA schools and academies through SIAMS.

Resources to assist with assessment may be obtained for schools buying into the Enhanced Service Plan. We have a growing bank of examples of good practice and some useful tools to assist the RE Coordinator ensure that assessment of RE is rigorous. Our RE Matters networking sessions is another useful source of assistance for this. For more information contact [at] (Diane Norton), RE Adviser.


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