General resources for Religious Education

Books / Resource packs:

Across the World - Martyn Payne and Betty Pedley - Barnabas / BRF
Bible Storybags - Margaret Cooling - Barnabas / BRF
Bible-themed 8 Journey Days for Primary Schools - Barbara Meardon & Verity Holloway - Barnabas / BRF
Christianity Through Art - Margaret Cooling - RMEP
Picturing Christianity - Lat Blaylock - RE Today Services
Puddles the Cat (series) - Gill Vaisey - Books @ Press [EYFS / KS1]
The Bible Through Art - Margaret Cooling - RMEP
The Bible: The Big Story - Stephen Pett - REToday services  [KS3]
Where in the World - Martyn Payne - Barnabas / BRF
World War 1 RE Resources - Gill Johnson / RE Today


Teaching yr7 - Please contact Diane Norton (Schools Adviser  - RE at [at] for details of the Transition unit available to assist Yr7 teachers create a 'level playing field' where some feeder schools have taught RE using the Understanding Christianity materials and others which have not. This resource is free to those schools that have bought into the Enhanced Service Plan (ESP)

Using Books at Press Resources with the Leeds and York Dioceses RE Syllabus and the Leeds Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education - A document produced by Gill Vaisey which indicates how Books at Press resources may be used with the Diocesan syllabus as well as the Leeds Agreed Syllabus.

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