Information for Parish Delegates

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Each parish is encouraged to send 2-6 delegates, depending on electoral roll size, nominated by their ‘lead priest’. 

For more information for Parish Delegates, please click here

Delegates will be able to register online between 12 March and 23 April. This will involve online payment of the per capita charge and choosing preferences for self-select sessions (details of options will be published here before Registration opens).

Each parish will need to make arrangements for reimbursing registered delegates. The registration fee is not refundable, but if a registered participant finds they can no longer attend, it will be possible in certain circumstances for parishes to arrange a substitute. Please see FAQ for more information. 

A limited number of extra places are available for people with disabilities or who are BAME (Black, Asian and minority ethnicity) and for young people (aged 14-17), in line with national efforts to increase inclusion and encourage diversity. Click here.


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