Good Friday Passion Play draws the crowds in Settle

Settle Passion PlayA crowd of more than two hundred people watched the final moments of this year’s Settle Passion Play as Jesus, played by 21 year old Joe Dillon, was crucified on Good Friday.

With more than thirty local people in the cast, along with around twenty ‘backstage’ crew and directors, this year’s Passion Play moved through the town from location to locationbegining at the parish church, then on to the Market Square and  finally the  churchyard.

Settle Passion This year a new producer, Michael Cullingworth of Settle, brought to the production new scenes including Jesus’ treatment at the hand of the Roman soldiers which added poignancy to the Passion Play.

The Revd Stephen Dawson, who has been helping with the play for 4 years, said,  “This year the new actors and producer brought a fresh realism to the story of the first Holy Week and many people were moved beyond words.”

Michael Cullingworth, said, "We thank the town council & shop keepers for allowing us to use the market place and shops.  As producer I would like to thank everyone who made this possible. It was one of the most moving performances and many who witnessed it were moved to tears."

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